Hospital for COVID-19 patients at military training ground near Vitsebsk

The entrance to the Losvida training ground

A hospital for 300 beds has been established in a building at the Losvida training ground of Vitsebsk Airborne Troops Brigade. It is located not far from the central city of the region.

“There is a tent camp where the military are to be deployes. There is also a hospital for 300 people. A special fence has been set up so that they [soldiers] could not see the ill. The building was previously used for training purposes. A week and a half ago we were told to do it up. They say [infected] people will be taken here soon, but there is not anyone at the moment,” a soldier keeping the watch at the entrance to the training ground told our correspondent.

According to unconfirmed information from a source, another hospital has been accommodated in the Narach health resort. On April 8, a military field hospital was set up near a town of Lepel (also Vitsebsk region) in case ‘the coronavirus gets out of control’.

Vitsebsk hospital nurse suddenly dies of pneumonia amid COVID-19 fears

With every passing day, the number of COVID-19 paients is growing at an increased pace. As of April 9, the number of the infected with COVID-19 has totalled to 1,486 in the country. According to the Belarusian Health Ministry, 1,331 patients are being treated in hospitals; 139 have recovered; 16 persons have died. Belarus’ Vitsebsk region ranks second after Minsk in terms of the number of patients with coronavirus. It is also leading in the coronavirus fatalities along with Minsk. As reported earlier, Minsk infectious diseases hospital is almost full due to the coronavirus outbreak.

On April 7, Minsk-based intensivist Katsyaryna told about the epidemic situation in Minsk and regions. According to her, many Belarusian medics are ‘sitting on a volcano’ and the country may be facing a ‘perfect storm’. In her opinion, the epidemic has not reached its peak in Belarus; there will be more coronavirus cases and deaths, almost everyone may get sick, the health professional believes.

‘Sitting on volcano’: Minsk doctor about inaction, cover-up amid COVID-19 outbreak