Our 11th birthday: All 2018 Belsat awards laureates known

Сёння «Белсату» спаўняецца 11 гадоў.Глядзіце лепшае на нашым канале за 2018 год: https://naviny.belsat.eu/news/volga-chajchyts-chalavek-goda-stali-vyadomyya-laureaty-premii-belsatu-za-2018-god/

Opublikowany przez Белсат TV Niedziela, 9 grudnia 2018

Today, on December 10, Belsat TV turns eleven! At Saturday’s festive ceremony special prizes were awarded on this occasion. The winners were picked out by secret ballot.

TV Person Of the Year

Volha Czajczyc

Our colleague focuses on street protests and social problems. Volha has constantly been under pressure for her scorching reports from different parts of the country. In 2018, eleven administrative cases have been opened, which has resulted in imposing heavy fines on her. However, Volha and her husband, Belsat TV cameraman Andrus Kozel, are not going to give up.

Volha Czajczyc

“In most cases, we work in the regions of Belarus, people address us and talk about their problems. I go to places which other journalists do not get to. And then the authorities have to react, but instead of tackling people’s real problems, they fight against me,” Volha said.

“We get used to harsh conditions, but they are constantly getting worse. We inform journalists only of our being tried and sentenced. But the police call us almost every day, harass us,” the reporter said after receiving the award.

Film Of the Year

Striptease and War, directed by Andrey Kutsila

The documentary tells the story of stripper Anatol and his grandfather, a former Soviet officer, who heads one of the veterans’ organizations. Grandpa cannot accept his grandson’s way of life and tries to bring him into the fold. The generation gap is symbolic of contemporary Belarus and the former Soviet Union.

Best Episode Of Belsat TV Program

‘Minsk authorities to place BNR plaque shown by Belsat’

In this episode of Belsat TV show Each Of Us, Belarusian historians were holding debates on the Belarusian People’s Republic (BNR).

In the studio, there was a commemorative plaque, which was supposed to appear on the wall of the house in Volodarsky street in Minsk, where the independence of the BNR was proclaimed. A week later, Minsk officials, who are known for their disregard to this historical fact, declared their readiness to have it hanged.

The promise still remains unfulfilled.

Reportage Of the Year

Trident by Antos Tsyalezhnikau

The 24-minute reportage shows the life-affirming work of those who treat Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers for dental diseases on the front line.

Information Story Of the Year

‘Siloviki grab doctors – more than 50 detainees’ by Ales Zaleuski.

In July, the KGB arrested Ihar Lasitski, Deputy Health Minister, as well as the heads of the ministry’s affiliated companies. In total, around 30 persons were placed under arrest over the alleged ‘milking’ case.

Online News Story Of the Year

The journalistic investigation by Katsyaryna Andreeva and Ihar Ilyash into the shady schemes of state-run Belarusian enterprises’ trading with the unrecognised separatist republics in Donbas

In October, Belsat reported about Belarus’ supplying separatists with automotive vehicles. Last year, the duo proved that our country was selling food products and alcoholic beverages to separatists.

Award to Ihar Ilyash and Katsyaryna Andreyeva

After the publications, Ukrainian diplomats handed a note of protest to the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, and said that sanctions might be imposed on a number of Belarusian enterprises.

Internet Users’ Choice

Special edition of Vot Tak (That Way) program about the Kemerovo tragedy (production editor – Masha Makarova)

On March 25, a fire erupted on the top floor at the four-storey shopping in Russia’s Kemerovo. As fire alarm failed, the shopping centre staff had to notify visitors about the incident themselves. As a result, many people who were cut off from the way outs had to jump out of the windows. Closed fire escapes and panic escalated the situation. According to official data, 64 persons died.

The special edition was viewed by about 8 mln people across the globe.

“I will never forget that day, neither will the whole team, I guess. And, of course, it would be good if we had not had such anews topic at all. But I am grateful to the team that we managed to own our emotions and work,” Makarova said.

Belsatter Of the Year

The award goes to our technical staff and their superior Mirosław Ciunowicz who are always outside the camera view. It is them who make our broadcast possible.