Minsk anarchists brutally detained in Minsk, tear gas used

About 30 anarchists were detained by men in plain clothes on Kharuzhei street after the non-parasite march.

The police station they were taken is not known.

The detentions were brutal. Anarchists managed to catch the trolley bus number 37, but at the next stop the trolley bus got blocked by four minibus. Plainclothed men rushed into the trolley and began detaining activists.


Belsat.eu journalist Lyubou Luniova witnessed the arrest. She said that the girls from the trolleybus were grabbed by the hair, dragged on the pavement, on the curbs. The activists were grabbed and thrown into vans.

People were trying to protect the young men. The riot policemen responded by smashing the mobile phones of the people who tried to film the brutal detention and upload the videos.