Journalist Kastus Zhukouski on trial again

On Monday, July 10, the Svetlahorsk district court will hear the case of journalist Kastus Zhukouski. He will be prosecuted under part 2 of the article 22.9. Since the beginning of 2017, about 10 protocols have been drawn on Zhukouski.

“I received a summons to appear in court. I haven’t heard anything about the protocol, I did not receive anything, I was not told anything. But I believe that the protocol was drawn for Svetlahorsk, where we were preparing a story about the Chinese factory, which is still not running. We were followed in Svetlahorsk during the filming of the story,” said the journalist.

Kastus Zhukouski notes that just two days ago, while speaking at the opening session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Alyaksandr Lukashenka said that there are no problems with the freedom of the media in Belarus.

It should be noted that in March-April 2017 only, the Belarusian Association of Journalists documented 96 cases of journalists being detained, 6 of them suffered from physical abuse by the police, another 45 were under administrative prosecution.

This spring, “Belsat” correspondents were repeatedly arrested, tried, and punished by heavy fines for their coverage of the protests. The total amount of fines is approximately 9,000 dollars. In addition, in total, our journalists spent over a month in prison.