#ByCovid19: Volunteers launch website to support Belarusian doctors

The volunteer campaign #ByCovid19 has launched a website to help Belarusian medics who are in the forefront of combatting COVID-19 in the country.

Health workers are welcome to leave an application on the website. A volunteer will contact the author to clarify the details. The activists also urge Belarusians to join the initiative and provide information on what they can do for medics.

By the moment, the number of the infected with COVID-19 has totalled to 1,066 in the country. 77 patients have already recovered; 976 persons are being treated in hosзitals, 13 have died.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, health care centres are getting increasingly overwhelmed, lots of doctors and medical staff are working day and night. As reported earlier, the Belarusian Health Ministry opened a charity account to raise funds for the fight against and detection of COVID-19. But still, imposing quarantine measures does not seem to be on the Belarusian government’s agenda now.

On April 7, Minsk-based intensivist Katsyaryna told belsat.eu about the epidemic situation in Minsk and regions. According to her, many Belarusian medics are ‘sitting on a volcano’ and the country may be facing a ‘perfect storm’. In her opinion, the epidemic has not reached its peak in Belarus; there will be more coronavirus cases and deaths, almost everyone may get sick, the health professional claims.

Minskers unite to help medics