Unlocking Belsat TV secrets: It’s just the beginning!

As usual, we are reflecting on our work: the year of 2018 turned to be very busy and happy.

At the beginning of 2018 we conducted an in-depth poll and now we know everything about you. Well, perhaps not everything, but enough to know what kind of Belsat you would like to watch. That is why we increased the number of programmes so you all can find something to suit your tastes:

Intermarium and Dates of Truth – for those who want to learn about history;

The Territory of Truth – for those who are interested in politics;

I Am Not Eating This and Let It Be – for those who like delicious food and enjoy a good laugh;

Welcome To Belarus and Belarusian World – about other countries and Belarusians abroad.

Belsat keeps its promises, that is why in 2018 we extended our cooperation with the BBC. From Monday to Friday, our colleagues from London produce unique material for you, allowing for even more objective independent news coverage of Europe and the world. In addition, we greatly expanded our correspondent network in Russia and opened a news office in Ukraine.

In Belarus, the main event of 2018 was the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic. The Freedom day celebrations were held in the city centre, and we could not miss out on this historical happening. The crowd of thousands, with dozens of people on stage, made for one of Belsat’s most complicated life transmissions ever. While everyone was enjoying the festivities, a group of unknown persons in plain clothes were operating on the roof of the Opera House. All of a sudden, our camera drone was hijacked and flew off directly towards them. But it did not ruin the celebrations, nor did the fact that almost all our communications were cut off. In spite of all the obstacles, we managed to present that festive concert for you.

Rest assured that, even in the toughest conditions, we will find a way to bring you fresh, reliable news from the very heart of the action!

Our Youtube stream of the concert was watched by dozens of thousands of viewers.

Throughout the year, the videos on our Belsat News and Vot Tak Youtube channels alone were viewed over 40 mln times. Therefore, we decided to extend our range of Youtube channels. We now have nine specialized channels in four languages!

For those who prefer television, but are gradually moving over to digital, we’ve developed an app for smart TVs. If you own a Samsung television or one that supports Android, you can simply install our Belsat TV Live app. If you prefer to use your phone, you can read and watch our news and live transmissions by downloading our app for Android or iOS.

You can read our material on all social media, and even receive it directly to your inbox.

For music lovers, we launched the Belsat Music channel on Soundcloud, where you can listen to the whole playlist or separate songs, whenever you like.

We are closer to your problems! Every day, our journalists travel all over the country, reporting on the problems of ordinary Belarusians, protecting people from police abuse or helping them stand up for their rights.

I met with members of parliament, Ms Anisim and Ms Kanapatskaya. We discussed matters pertaining to human rights, and they mentioned that the Belarusian authorities still have a lot of work to do in that field. But I would like to say that they praised Belsat TV highly for reporting on all cases of human rights violations as well as for broadcasting in the Belarusian language. I appreciated that positive evaluation of the channel’s activities,” Poland’s Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz said.

Unfortunately, the Belarusian authorities see things differently. Compared to the previous year, the pressure on Belsat TV was doubled in 2018. Over the past two years, our contributors got fines totalled to nearly $75,000.

We are evolving and reinforcing our principles and values at the same time. We feel that the Belarusian language is still the most vital element of our national culture. In 2018, we launched our unique Dobrapis website to help you avoid making errors when writing texts in Belarusian.

But while we were starting a writing revolution, the Armenians were having a proper revolution in their country, and Syarhei Pelyasa and Syarhei Marchyk filmed the whole thing!

It is already become a tradition for our films to be shown at international festivals.

Andrey Kutsila’s Summa won the award for Best Mid-Length Documentary at Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival.

In addition, his film King of the Hill was awarded at IFoLT in Slovakia.

The film Home Games by young director Alisa Kavalenka won Best Picture at Odessa International Film Festival.

Various Belsat reports also won awards.

We are facing new challenges, and we are cooking up a few surprises for you.

The Territory of Truth debates will return to the screen with a new presenter, new panellists, and the hottest of topics.

Belsat Music Live is opening its studio doors to the viewers! Instead of just listening, now you can dance along, like at regular concerts!

We will be shedding light on the secrets of Belarusian culture in a mysterious, fascinating programme, Labyrinths, that will hit your screens in 2019.

Thank you for being with us in 2018! Stay tuned, it is just the beginning!