United Civic Party proposes election candidate

The political council of the United Civic Party of Belarus has decided to participate in the election campaigns of 2019-2020. The political council was held in Minsk on January 13 in an expanded format with the involvement of all regional leaders and regional activists.

According to the UCP press secretary Hanna Krasulina, the party’s participation in the election campaign will be conditioned by the requirements wi the main one being the adoption of changes to the electoral code, proposed by a number of political parties, in order to meet OSCE standards.

“The format of participation in campaigns will be determined in view of the political situation, electoral legislation, the inclusion of representatives in election commissions, candidate registration, access to the media and other issues,” Hanna Krasulina told Belsat.

The UCP intends to coordinate these issues with partners in the center-right coalition and, if possible, with other democratic organizations. Today, in addition to the United Civil Party, the center-right coalition includes the For Freedom Movement and the organizing committee for the creation of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party.

“We intend to offer society a political alternative to a single candidate from democratic forces, his team program according to the results of open democratic elections, the primaries, which were initiated by the center-right coalition. From the UCP, Mikalai Kazlou was elected to the position of candidate for the primaries and further to participate in the presidential campaign,” said Hanna Krasulina.

The next presidential election in Belarus is to be held no later than August 30, 2020.

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