Ukraine elections: Zelensky’s party winning

According to the results of 95.01% of electronic protocols processed, the Servant of the People Party (43.13% of the vote), the Opposition Platform – For Life – 13.06%, Batkivschyna – 8.18%, European Solidarity – 8.12%, and Holos – 5.84% enter the Verkhovna Rada.

The 5% barrier to the parliament is not yet overcome by the Radical Party with 4.01% of the vote, Strength and Honor Party, which gains 3.8% of the votes in Ukraine as a whole, the Opposition Bloc – 3.06%, and Groysman’s Ukrainian Strategy Party with 2.36% of the vote, news agency Interfax Ukraine reports.

The Servant of the People Party is likely to get 253 seats and create their own government coalition. The Opposition Platform may get 44 seats, Batkivschyna – 25, European solidarity – 24, Holos- 20 seats. Another 10 seats will go to other parties and 48 – to self-nominated persons.

On July 21, early parliamentary elections took place in Ukraine. Nearly 6,000 candidates were running for the Verkhovna Rada. Only 49.84% cast their ballots, which has become the lowest voter turnout over the entire history of parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

The 2019 Ukrainian presidential election was held on 31 March and 21 April in a two-round system. Zelensky, who had previously had no political experience, won a landslide victory, gaining over 70% of the vote.

‘President is a servant of the people,’ Zelensky, who plays the role of president in the eponymous TV series, repeatedly said in the course of his election campaign. His plans are serious: an uncompromising fight against corruption, numerous benefits for business and no privileges for the president, deputies and judges — their immunity will be lifted. The ideological basis of the program is democracy and the full accountability of the authorities.

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