This summer Belsat is coming to you

We are launching a new program ‘Belsat Near You’.

Summer is coming and we want to visit every corner of Belarus to give a voice to anyone who wants to talk about their problems or joys and successes.

You have a diploma, but you can not find a job? You have found a job but you are do not get paid? Not only the collective farm, but also an architectural monument is dying in your village? Or maybe, on the contrary, you have something to brag about? Thanks to you there is now a ramp for wheelchair users in the cinema? The money to publish a book for children has been collected? You launch a free course and you want to talk about it on television?

Write to us at and our journalists will come to you.

Attention: you must be ready to speak in front of the camera and not change your mind at the last moment when the Belsat team will set off on a journey at your request.

The program will be published twice a week: on Mondays and Wednesdays at 20:50. Contact us and all of Belarus will hear about you!