Tajik authorities report Daesh militants’ attack on border outpost

The Tajik outpost Ishkabad was attacked by masked gunmen; 15 trespassers were killed, a border guard and policeman died, the BBC Russian Service reports with reference to Tajikistan’s Interior Ministry.

“The armed attack on border outpost Ishkabad Nr 4 of the border detachment’s military unit Sultanabad was committed by the fighters of the ‘Islamic State’ who had rushed into the territory of Tajikistan from Afghanistan,” the National Security Committee press centre said in a statement.

However, there is no information about the incident from other sources.

Earlier, the Tajik Interior Ministry said that the outpost was attacked by unknown persons who seized five rifles:

“As a result of the operation, 15 militants of the armed criminal group and four their cars were disposed of; another four people were arrested.”

In turn, the Tajik border service reported 20 attackers. The terrorist organization Islamic State has not taken responsibility for the situation yet.

As reported earlier, three guards and 29 prisoners were killed in May’s unrest in a maximum-security penal colony to the east of Dushanbe. According to the Tajik authorities, the militants of the so-called Islamic State are serving their terms in the colony. However, media outlets called people’s attention to the fact that not only IS militants, but also religious figures and members of the opposition Islamic Renaissance party (it is recognized extremist organization only in Tajikistan, but not abroad) were among the killed.

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