Soviet Russia sentiment in full view: Belarus Interior Minister in NKVD uniform on Victory Day

Belarusian Interior Minister Ihar Shunevich. 9 May 2018, Minsk

Belarusian Interior Minister Ihar Shunevich hardly hides his affection for Josef Stalin and Soviet chekists, which can be seen in numerous interviews. It is not the first time he has showed up dressed in NKVD uniform.

On May 9, he arrived at Victory Square in a rare GAZ-67B car. Shunevich was accompanied by his wife and daughter.

The minister was wearing the made-to-measure uniform in the style of a war-time police officer. It was tailored with the usage of original patterns.

Shunevich laying flowers to Victory Monument. 9 May, 2018, Minsk

Іhar Shunevich wearing St. George Ribbon.

“Even the buttons were cast in the same mint as in those days,” Shunevich told the newspaper Belarus Segodnya in 2017.

People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) under the leadership of Genrikh Yagoda and later Lavrentiy Beria did played its blood-drenched role in the history of Belarus. Troikas, NKVD commissions of three for express judgment in the Soviet Union, delivered death sentences almost without exception.

The General Directorate of the Worker and Peasant Police (it is their uniform that Shunevich opted for) was part of the NKVD.