Russian journalist Golunov skips rally in his support

Ivan Golunov, the journalist of ‘Medusa’ who was recently released from house arrest has stated that he was not going to take part in an unauthorized march scheduled for June 12, Interfax reports.

“As far as I understand, this is some kind of uncoordinated action. It seems to me that it is better, perhaps, to somehow pay attention to loved ones and relatives or to give any concrete help than go on a march. This is my personal opinion,” he said.

Earlier, the Moscow mayor’s office stressed that they would not approve the March in support of Golunov planned for June 12 and would contact the prosecutor’s office because of the unwillingness of the event initiators to agree on security issues. They added that ‘Day of Russia’ activities will be held in Moscow on 12 June, therefore, holding an unauthorized march in such a situation allegedly “will become a security threat.”

At the same time a few days earlier, Moscow authorities approved a similar action on June 16. The organizers asked to hold a rally on Sakharov Avenue from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm numbering up to 20 thousand people.