Russian soldiers have superpowers Russian Defense Ministry journal claims

The official journal of the Russian Ministry of Defense called “Army Collection” has published an article “Super-Soldier for the Wars of the Future.” According to it, the Russian army uses combat parapsychology. It can help read documents in a closed safe, written in a language that the soldier does not know.

The article was prepared by Reserve Colonel Nikolai Poroskov, who claims that Russian special forces used combat parapsychology even during the war in Chechnya. Using this technique, for example, it is possible to conduct a “non-verbal interrogation” of a captured soldier, and the accuracy of such interrogation is supposedly 100%.

According to the publication of the Russian Ministry of Defense, such techniques help the military master foreign languages, treating them in battle conditions, identifying ambushes, warehouses and caches of the enemy. The Russians have learned telepathy by working with dolphins, the Defense Ministry journal states.

Parapsychological techniques also allow a person to master unusual skills: for a long time not to consume food and water, stay awake for days and keep vigor at the same time.

Chairman of the commission to combat pseudoscience at the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yevgeny Alexandrov told RBC that “combat parapsychology” is fiction and is recognized as being pseudo-scientific.

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