Russian citizen commits suicide facing deportation from Belarus

In December 2018, 35-year-old Sergei Borisov committed suicide in Loyeu after he received a deportation order for 4 years, TUT.BY reports.

Sergei was a citizen of Russia, but for the previous 17 years he had lived in Belarus. He was born here, too. He has an apartment in Homiel, but in recent years the man had moved to Loyeu — closer to his retired mother and disabled brother.

On December 14, 2018, the Department for Citizenship and Migration of the Loyeu District Department of Internal Affairs decided to send the man from Belarus. It was done “in the interests of public order”. The resolution noted that during the year Sergey had two administrative offenses: appearing drunk in a public place and a petty theft. Other administrative offenses of the man were also considered. For the whole time of his residence in Belarus – in about 10 years – there were eight such instances (mostly appearing drunk in a public place).

As a result, the permanent residence permit was revoked, and by December 28, Sergey had to voluntarily, at his own expense, leave Belarus. But on December 19, the man committed suicide.

This is not the first case of suicide that took place due to the threat of deportation. This year, on January 15, Vitaly Kuzmenkov passed away in the village of Nyahouka of the Buda-Kashalyova District. A native of Russia, for the last 14 years had lived in Belarus. Here he had a house, his wife Volha and six daughters. Shortly before the New Year holidays, the man got drunk at work. He was fired, and after that the local police department revoked his permit for permanent residence in Belarus. They wanted to send the man away. But they were late.

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