Putin’s relative set to found party, run for MP

Roman Putin, a son of the Russian leader’s cousin, is going to establish a political party on the basis of the movement ‘Men Of Action’ founded in February, the Russian newspaper Kommersant reports.

According to Putin, the would-be party membership may be attractive to business people. The organisation will be positioned as a ‘right-wing conservative project’ that intends to protect entrepreneurs and pushes for reducing the tax burden for small businesses, anti-monopoly measures and cheaper loans.

Its major goal is get into the State Duma, Roman Putin said. The activists are set to hold a founding congress of the party to nominate their candidates for regional elections scheduled for September, 8. Vladimir Putin’s relative is also expected to run.

Roman Putin is a son of Igor Putin, a cousin of the Russian President. He is the director of Putin Consulting; the firm was set up in the United Kingdom and originally called Putin Consulting Ltd. The company helped microfinance organisations entice investors.

In 2017, the Russian Academic Foundation led by Roman Putin suggested the Defense Ministry grant army respites to all graduates who get a diploma with honours. However, if they also insisted on the following limitation: if a graduate takes advantage of the respite, he may not leave Russia during its period.

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