Nordwind Airlines: Mysterious Boeing flies from Russia to Venezuela

There have been no passengers, but two crews aboard. According to the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, the plane may take 500 people from Venezuela.

On January 28, a Boeing-777 flew out of Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport to Caracas at 14.00. It was charter flight Nr 9801 by Nordwind Airlines company. The airline specializing in travel group charters had never performed flights to Venezuela.

Boeing 777 oute

“This morning, the plane has returned from Thailand. It set off immediately after refueling. There are two crews aboard. Probably, there are plans to perform [another] flight without having a rest at the destination airport,” the Novaya Gazeta reports.

The journalists did not manage to contact the airline.

Officially, Russian tourists are recommended against visiting Venezuela; package tours to the country have not been sold for a long time. Russian diplomats have not yet announced any intention to evacuate Russian citizens from Venezuela.

On January 23, mass protesting against president Nicolas Maduro erupted in Venezuela. Juan Guaido, the leader of the opposition National Assembly, declared himself acting president during an opposition rally in Caracas; he is seeking to hold new elections in the country. The United States, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay and the Vatican officially acknowledged Guaido as a legitimate interim head of Venezuela while Russia, Mexico and Bolivia failed to recognize his legitimacy.

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