Non-registered arsenal seized from Haradzeya plant employee

Belarusian siloviki have detained the head of the heat and power center of the Haradzeya sugar plant Leanid Shtein and a man from his entourage — they found dozens of grenades, explosives, thousands of cartridges and other weapon.

According to the MIA website, on September 7, in the agro-town of Krasnaye in the Homiel region, traffic policemen stopped a car driven by a citizen of Haradzeya. The policemen found a Kalashnikov assault rifle in the car with a silencer, Makarov and TT pistols, several clips for the listed weapons, a rifle, 4 hand grenades, 3 explosives and hundreds of cartridges of various calibres.

The MIA does not mention the name of the citizen of Haradzeya, however according to it is the 48-year-old head of the thermal power station of Haradzeya sugar plant Leanid Shtein. The investigators opened a criminal case under Part 2 of Art. 295 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (illegal use of firearms, ammunition and explosives), he was placed in a temporary detention facility.

Seized weapons. Photo –

In the apartment, the garage and the office of Shtein were found a lot of weapons. Some of them were registered. Others, like a machine gun, five assault rifles, 10 rifles, 10 pistols, 28 grenades, 265 explosive devices, about 2 kg of explosives and about 10 thousand rounds of various calibres were non-registered.

Police also detained an associate of Shtein in whose house they also found non-registered weapons.

The siloviki are now trying to establish the sources of the origin of these weapons and possible accomplices in the illicit arms trade.

Seized weapons. Photo –
Seized weapons. Photo –

As was previously reported by, the Haradzeya sugar factory delivers its products to the separatists of the DNR and LNR.