Maxumum term to teenager who committed double murder in Belarusian school

On September 11, Vadzim M., a former student of Stoubtsy school Nr 2, has been sentenced to 13 years in a correctional facility.

The trial was heard in camera; only verdict has been made public.

11 September 2019. Delivering verdict to Vadzim M.

The defendant got the maximum term of imprisonment. He was charged with hooliganism and using arms (Art. 339-3 of the Criminal Code; ); murder of two or more persons with extreme atrocity from molester motives (Art. 139-2); attempt to crime (Article 14-1); murder of a person in connection with the performance of their duties.

He will also have to pay a compensation of 110,000 Belarusian rubles to the family of the murdered teacher.

On 11 February 2019, Vadzim M.,who was armed with a knife, attacked his fellow students and teacher Maryna Parkhimovich in School Nr 2. At that moment, he was at the age of 15. The teacher and eleventh-former Alyaksandr Ramanau died; two more under-age persons were hospitalized.

Lukashenka lays blame for murder in Stoubtsy school on ‘all’ and education minister