Mahiliou: Undergrad expelled from university for participation in ‘non-parasite’ march

Alena Kisel, a fifth-year psychology student, has been expelled from Mahiliou University. Participating in a non-parasite rally might have been the reason for her withdrawal.

It is noteworthy that her graduation is just four months away, reports.

“I think they got rid of me for political reasons. I took part in a protest rally on March 15; the police detained me and drew up a report for violation of the law on mass events. On March 16, I was fined. A day later, I was called to the Dean’s office. The Dean and our asked me why I had been at the rally. Then they ordered me to write an explanatory note to the rector. I refused saying that I have the right to express my opinions and I exercised it. After that they reminded me of missed classes and told me to file an explanatory report over them. I did it,”the student says.

According to Alena Kisel, she failed to attend classes because she was helping her friend, protester Kanstantsin Charnou. As the man broke both arms, he had difficulty even getting dressed.

In February-March, there has been an eruption of protesting the so-called ‘parasite’ law in Belarus. Hundreds of Belarusians have been detained, fined, jailed after recent non-parasite marches.  Last week, trials of participants were held in Minsk, Hrodna and Mahiliou. Most of them were accused of violating the order of holding mass events and disobedience to police officers’ demands. It should be noted that plainclothes policemen who refuse to show their IDs a or introduce themselves often beat people and prevented journalists from performing their professional duties., following