‘Moscow forbids’: Ukrainian activist denied entry to Belarus

Sergei Zamilyuhin, the leader of the Russian-speaking Ukrainian Nationalists, believes that Belarus has become a hostage to the Moscow-Minsk agreement on the Union State.

On New Year’s Eve Sergei Zamilyuhin was going from Kyiv to the Belarusian city Homiel where his family was waiting for him. When crossing the border, the activist found out that he was blacklisted as a person banned from entering Belarus. Zamilyukhin was put on the list ‘at the request of the Russian side’, a border guard told him.

“In light of the Belarusian president’s recent statements on neutrality and improving relations with Ukraine and the West, the situation happened in the evening of December, 30 was like a bolt from the blue,” Zamilyukhin made a comment on his unsuccessful attempt to visit Belarus.


It is to be recalled that in November 2015, the Belarus-Russia agreement on mutual recognition of travel bans came into effect. According to a number of experts, it taints the image of our country and puts into question its independence in some fields.

The Russian-speaking Ukrainian Nationalists has offices in six major cities of Ukraine and aims to bring together the country’s patriots, regardless of the language they speak.


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