Journalist helps people and gets fined $260


Freelance journalist Larysa Shchyrakova has been fined by judge Tamara Zastaunitskaya 5 million 400 thousand rubles based on the already traditional article 22.9 of the Administrative Code: illicit manufacturing of media products.

The material that the journalist was accused of manufacturing was devoted to the problem of the concentration of carbon monoxide in new village Balshavik. All the petitions of the journalist were rejected by the court.

According to the journalist, the judgment was ready even before the hearing.

“I first tried to make a withdrawal of the judge, because I got the impression that she is not interested in a fair, objective trial after she refused to invite the court policeman Lazousky who concluded that the material I produced was meant for Belsat. I, of course, was very much surprized that the judge did not leave the room to make a decision. As soon as I finished saying my comments and opinions, she closed the case and announced the decision, and it became apparent that she had come with the ready-made solution and that there was no real trial, and it was only a performance involving judges, secretary and me. I wasted so much time to convince the court of my innocence but as a result I received a ready-made protocol. Next time, I will simply refuse to give any explanation, because it is a waste of time.”

This was the fourth trial of Larysa Shchyrakova for journalistic activities. Two trials ended with fies, the other two – with the termination of the administrative proceedings. The freelancer is still waiting for the court in Lelchytsy for the preparation of material on folk ritual “Calling of Spring” in the village of Novaye Palesse.