Freedom Day: Belsat TV crew detained; cameraman taken to mental hospital

On March 25, shortly before the start of festive events on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Belarus’ nationhood proclamation, a Belsat TV crew (journalist Volha Czajczyc and cameraman Andrus Kozel) were detained by the road police.

The reporters were about to cover the celebrations in Minsk.

Having checked their documents, the police released Belsat contributors, but only for a short time.

One of the road policemen had their car number written on his hand.

A bit later, the duo was detained again.

Cameraman Andrus Kozel was taken to a mental hospital in the village of Sennitsa not far from Minsk.

“[Hospital employees] are dragging feet. They are trying to put me off as long as they can,” Andrus said on Facebook.

(UPD) As of 17:00 Minsk time, the police have released all Belsat TV contributors detained before the Freedom Day celebration.