Fourth case of coronavirus confirmed in Belarus

The Ministry of Health of Belarus has reported on the fourth patient with coronavirus.

“Today, one more test that was performed for a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, isolated for medical supervision in connection with close contact with one of the patients infected with coronavirus, revealed the coronavirus RNA,” the Ministry of Health said in a statement.

Thus 4 cases of infection have been confirmed. Two more test results of patients related to the contact of the 1st level have shown positive results, the press service of the Ministry writes.

“Given that initially the tests were negative, we can conclude that the patients were isolated even before the virus began to be excreted from the body, which excluded the possibility of further transmission of the infection from them,” the ministry notes.

All patients “are in satisfactory state, including patients with confirmed coronavirus”.

Photo: IrynaArakhouskaya

On March 3, the Minsk Now Telegram channel published a photo of doctors in overalls who carry an airtight capsule into the building of the Minsk City Children’s Infectious Clinical Hospital. Photos were taken from the hospital window. The authors of the photo speculate that this is the 4th patient with coronavirus.

On February 27, information appeared about the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Belarus. It was discovered in an Iranian student who flew in from Baku on February 22.

The Ministry of Health warns that tests for coronavirus will be taken only from those who have had prolonged contact with the infected. All others can be checked for infection only “according to the indications and instructions of the doctor”.

In the world, physicians have registered 90,936 cases of infection. The virus has already killed 3,117 people, 47,995 people recovered and were discharged from hospitals.

For the first time, a new type of coronavirus was discovered on December 12, 2019 in Wuhan (Hubei Province in China).