Election commissions invalidate signatures en masse for Babaryka and Tsapkala

In Minsk, Vitsebsk, Homiel and other cities of Belarus, the election commissions are massively invalidating signatures for the nomination of Valer Tsapkala and Viktar Babaryka as presidential candidates.

In Frunzenski district of Minsk (the largest territorial unit of the country) the election commission rejected the signatures for nomination of Babaryka (47.190 signatures) and Tsapkala (17.853 signatures). In both cases, according to the results of two rounds of examinations, 16% of the checked signatures were declared invalid. As a result, all of them were rejected.

Photo – Vasil Mauchanau / Belsat

In Maskouski district of Minsk, all 30,341 signatures for Viktar Babaryka were invalidated. In Partisanski district, 2,433 signatures for Tsapkala were rejected, while 9,208 signatures in favor of Babaryka were rejected.

In the Savetsky district of Homiel all 4,870 signatures for Babaryka and 1,956 for Tsapkala were annulled. The former had 23.28% of signatures invalidated, while the latter had 16.53% of signatures cancelled. In the Central district of Hommiel they annuled 4,177 signatures for Babaryka.

In Pershamaiski district of Vitsebsk all signatures for Babaryka and Tsapkala were rejected, while in the Kastrychnitski district only signatures for Tsapkala were annulled.

Valer Tsapkala at a picket in Babruisk. The photo of Belsat

In the Kastrychnitski district of Mahiliou all the signatures of Tsapkala were annulled, in Leninsky – the cancelled signatures were in favor of Babaryka. In Mahiliou district, the signatures for both Babaryka and Tsapkala were rejected.

In the Kastrychnitski district of Hrodna, Babaryka’s signatures were annulled, in the Leninski district — those of Tsapkala.

According to the human rights activists, in Svetlahorsk the district election commission did not accept all the 1,577 signatures for Tsapkala.