Former political prisoner Paliyenka’s flat damaged after police search

The activist returned home after interrogation and found damaged walls and overturned things in the apartment.

The people responsible for the search were not careful about Dzmitry’s property.

“The computer is lying around without a hard drive. They took two laptops and a phone, T-shirts. The walls were damaged — I do not know, maybe they were looking for a hiding place. A large amount of money, about 370 rubles and $ 100 is also missing. They also took a pepper spray.”

Dzmitry Paliyenka, Yauhen Chulitsky and Anastasia Huseva were released after interrogations on January 23. Dzmitry Polienko refused to cooperate with the investigation and did not admit his guilt. The same goes for Yauhen Chulitsky and Anastasia Huseva.

Activists are suspected of drawing “Cops kill people” graffiti on the wall of one of the city buildings on Akhotskaya street on December 22, 2018. The young people were detained based on a video with no visible faces.

A criminal case was launched for desecration of buildings and damage to property. Paliyenka, Chulitsky and Huseva were detained on January 21 and 22. Their homes were searched. The activists were placed in temporary detention. They face fines, community service or arrest.

Ex-political prisoner detained for drawing graffiti in Minsk