Drunken man drives tank in Polish town

Phot. twojepaeczno.pl

A drunken man and his friend were driving a T-55 tank along the streets of a small Polish town of Pajęczno. Earlier, the tank belonged to Poland’s Armed Forces.

The local police was informed of the situation at 21.40 on Thursday evening. A few minutes later, the officers stopped the military vehicle on Mickiewicz street, Twoje Pajęczno reports. The 49-year-old ‘tankman’ was intoxicated.

As it turned out, after being repaired, the tank was to be transported on the special platform. But its owner invited his acquaintance to have an unusual ride.

The driver was detained; he spent a night in the police station. Now he may face up to 8 years of imprisonment for creating a situation of danger.

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