Details of post-march police brutality emerge

The young man has told press how police in civilian clothes tortured detainees in the minibus.

Ian Murashka was among the anarchists, attacked and forcibly detained by police in the trolley bus in Minsk. They were later brought to the police station.

Ian is a minor, and was later released by the police when the parents came to pick him up.

The boy told “Belsat” about the arrest:

“They were in civilian clothes, but they were the police, I’m sure. I did not see their faces. No one really resisted, I was punched, then I bent over, I was taken out and thrown into a van, which has quite a lot of people. It was so packed that people were lying on top of each other, someone was lying on me. I was most annoyed by a policeman in civilian clothes pressing on the chest of the person next to me, which made that person scream from pain. We were lucky that the head of the police unit was a normal person and stopped it, because I do not know what would have happened”.

Ian noted that when he was thrown into a van, he saw there still being empty seats, but the detainees were thrown on the floor.

“The others were also stacked: everyone was lying not able to move, and the police were on top of us,” said Ian Murashka.