‘Copyright infringement’ case in Minsk: Tut.by news editor released

Уласік выпусцілі

Галіну Уласік выпусцілі з ізалятара. Яна правяла за кратамі двое сутак. Ей нельга распавядаць пра крымінальную справу,

Opublikowany przez Белсат TV Czwartek, 9 sierpnia 2018

Halina Ulasik, a news editor at TUT.BY, has been released from the Investigative Committee.

Ulasik was detained on August 7 and taken to the detention centre in Minsk; today she has been interrogated at the Committee.

Ulasik is under a gag order, she told reporters. She is still a suspect in the so-called BelTA copyright infringement case. According to her, law enforcers seized SIM cards, pen drives, phones and laptops during Tuesday’s search in her flat. Most of the equipment has been given back to her.

“I think I will be at work tomorrow. It seems that there is no one in the editorial office [due to detentions],” she added.

Halina Ulasik also thanked colleagues and readers for their support.

On August 7, an unprecedented wave of media workers’ arrests started in Belarus.

After Iryna Akulovich, Head of state-controlled news agency BelTA, had reported ‘illegal access to their premium content’, the Belarusian Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case under the article ‘unauthorized access to computer information, made out of personal interest, which caused significant harm’. According to the authorities’ version, some employees of the above-mentioned media outlets have used another person’s password and got information owned by the Lukashenka mouthpiece over the past two years.

Tut.by journalists Halina Ulasik, Maryna Zolatava, Hanna Kaltyhina, Ulyana Babayed, Dzmitry Bobryk, Hanna Yermachonak, BelaPAN editors Tatsyana Karavyankova and Andrey Serada, Deutsche Welle correspondent Paulyuk Bykouski and the Belarusians and Market journalist Alyaksei Zhukau were also detained. Later Bobryk, Serada and Babayed were released, but the rest are spending three days behind bars.