‘Bring us back home’: Ukrainian sailor sends letter from Russian prison

19-year-old Andrey Eyder, the youngest Ukrainian navy man captured in Russia’s attack on the Ukrainian vessels, wrote a letter to his family from Lefortovo prison in Moscow.

UATV journalist Taisiya Turchin published a copy of the letter on her Facebook.

Eyder, who had been wounded, is known to have undergone an operation in Russia.

“I dream of it [returning home] happening until the end of January, but it seems to me that the dream will not come true… I do not know how long it will last – six months, one year … I hope for a quicker political solution, but not much time has passed until now… I do not want people to forget about us, because 24 persons are being held behind bars in another country… All of them are servicemen, they serve the people of Ukraine,” he writes.

The captive also told the family about his state of health and confinement conditions in the detention centre. The letter ends with the appeal “Bring us back home.”

Mother of captured Ukrainian navy man: It was his first sailing

On November 25, three Ukrainian ships were captured by the Russian special forces in the Kerch Strait. According to Ukrainian media, Russia took prisoner 24 people, 6 sailors were injured. In response, 30-day martial law was introduced in 10 regions of Ukraine — those bordering Russia, Transnistria and the Black Sea coast, as well as in Chernihiv region bordering Belarus. In turn, Vladimir Putin called the incident ‘provocation staged by Petro Poroshenko ahead of the presidential election in Ukraine’.

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