Brest battery factory opponent fined

‘Lead Guard’ activist Kanstantsin Astapuk has been fined 30 basic unit by the head of Brest district court Syarhei Maruchyk on October 14th. Kanstantsin is against the battery factory in Brest. Astapuk was accused of participation in an unauthorized event and chanting the slogans “No to the battery factory” and “Long live Belarus”.

“I think the decision to give me such a big fine comes from above. Interestingly, even before the trial, a pro-government blogger told me the exact amount of the fine. I would also like to note that my rights have been violated several times during the entire administrative procedure and trial. Their main goal is to make sure that we do not gather near the plant and on Lenin Square,” Kanstantsin Astapuk told Belsat.

The reason for the unauthorized event was an incident that occurred on August 15. Near the battery factory, the activist of “Lead Guard,” Maria Halaliuk, was attacked by a man who hit her. After the incident, the activists began to gather near the factory, and the police believed that it was an unauthorized mass event.

Brest citizen Aliaksandr Autukhovich turned out to be the attacker who hit Maria Halaliuk. On October 11th , he received a fine of 12 basic units for his actions from the same judge Maruchyk.

Judge Siarhei Maruchyk, who sentenced the opponent of the plant to a fine of 765 BYN, took part in more than one political trial including ones involving Belsat journalists Alyaksandr Lyauchuk and Milana Kharytonava.