Belsat TV journalists parents threatened by ‘KGB officer’

Parents of Belsat TV journalist Ales Zaleuski has received a phone call from an unknown person who identified himself as a KGB lieutenant.

First, the man asked how to contact Zaleuski, then he resorted to threats.

“He said: do you know that your son and you spoke out against the president? Or do you give up on your son? I have the authority, I can shut everything for you, we will shake you up at work,” mother of Ales quoted hte man on the phone.

In a conversation with, Ales Zaleuski said that he perceives these calls as a definite pressure on himself.

“It all started about 5 days ago, my Facebook was hacked, and they began writing to my friends:” Dude, sorry, could you write in Russian? “. The funny thing was that I often say “sorry”. After that I changed all the passwords.

Previously, 5-6 years ago, I was invited to an interview by KGB officers in Hrodna, but they always spoke with me politely, softly. This person had a provocative tone. Of course, it’s 100 per cent pressure on me, but it is still not clear who it was. Maybe he is a personal “hater”, maybe not,” said the journalist.

Ales Zaleuski is the author and host of the “Human Affairs” program on Belsat TV.