Belsat TV contributors to pay fine to state budget

Navapolatsk court has rejected journalists’ application for delaying the payment of a fine. The case was considered by judge Zinaida Balabolava.

In June, a fine of 1,275 rubles (appr. $600) was imposed on journalist Alena Shabunya and cameraman Vyachaslau Lazarau. The both were found guilty of ‘illegal producing and distributing of mass media products’ (Art. 22.9 of the Criminal Code). The duo contributed to making a news story about the accident at the Palimir plant that occurred in 2016. It was aired as part of Belsat TV program Each of Us on 22 March, 2019:

After the verdict, the crew asked for the postponement of payment due to their difficult financial difficulties: Vyachaslau Lazarau did not have a steady job; in turn, Alena Shabunya is a third-degree disabled person, she has a minor son. However, the judge turned down their request.

The media workers are trying to appeal the ruling in the UN Human Rights Committee, their complaints are pending.

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