‘Belsat’ journalists fined for reporting closure of Minsk school

On September 19, Lyubou Lunyova and Zmitser Krauchuk had police reports filed on them for working without accreditation. On 3 October, their case was heard in a Minsk court. Journalists were made witnesses against each other.

Eventually, the court decided to punish the crew for working without accreditation (Article 22.9 of the Administrative Code of Belarus). Lyubou Lunyova was fined 690 BYN. The same fine was given to Zmitser Krauchuk.

Appeal to the Constitutional Court of Belarus in connection with the contradictions in the legislation was rejected. The Constitution, however, guarantees the right of every citizen to collect and disseminate information.

Meanwhile Kastus Zhukouski was fined for the tenth time this year. This time the fine was 1,150 BYN.

Lyubou Lunyova and Zmitser Krauchuk