BelNPP personnel salaries up 27.6%

Deputy Energy Minister Mikhail Mikhadiuk said that salaries of the builders working at the Belarusian NPP had been increased by 27.6%.

“Today, together with the Rosatom state corporation, we raised the basic level of wages for construction and installation personnel by 27.6%. This allows you to have a decent salary when you meet the standards of production. Of course, this salary level means the fulfillment of the planned tasks and production standards, wages should be earned,” Mikhail Mikhadiuk said.

The decision to raise the salaries was taken in December last year, the same approaches are in place for the construction of nuclear power plants in Russia, the deputy minister said.

“The estimates have a salary of about 37 thousand Russian rubles in the equivalent (more than 1,280 Belarusian rubles). After an increase of 27.6%, it reaches about 47 thousand Russian rubles in the equivalent (more than 1,600 rubles). But this amount will be and is paid when the performance standards are met,” he explained.

At the same time, some Belarusian organizations that are involved in the construction of BelNPP pay higher salaries. The example Mikhail Mikhadyuk gave was the enterprise “Belelektromontazhnaladka”, where the salaries reached 1,700-1,800 BYN last year. At the same time, there are organizations where the production rates are lower and, respectively, the salary is lower.

About 6,300 people work at the Belarusian nuclear power plant., Belta