Belarusian hospitals to receive money from EU to fight COVID-19

Eight Belarusian medical institutions will receive funds for the fight against coronavirus within the framework of the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine cross-border cooperation program financed by the European Union, BelTA reports.

The EU will allocate money to the institutions of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine under the cross-border cooperation program. The joint monitoring committee of the program has approved an additional €3 million to finance projects in the health sector. Hospitals and social service centers will receive support to combat coronavirus infection. With these funds, participants in 12 cross-border projects will be able to purchase additional equipment or carry out activities to better respond to the crisis situation.

Belarus is represented by eight beneficiaries. Additional support will be provided to Brest Regional Clinical and Children’s Hospitals, Zhabinka CRH, the Department of Education of the Leninsky District Administration of Brest. The funds will be provided for the clinical maternity hospital and the clinical hospital of the Minsk region, in Hrodna the funds will go to the university clinic and the clinical hospital of emergency medical care.