Belarusian football gains popularity due to worldwide coronavirus quarantine

Empty stands at the stadium in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Photo: Jan Huebner / Imago Sport / Forum

Due to quarantine, mass events, including sports matches, have been cancelled in almost all European countries. In Belarus, on the contrary, a football championship is still planned. That is why the number of bets on Belarusian football has started to grow rapidly.

People from around the world are watching Belarusian football while in quarantine.

According to the representative of the betting company Favbet,, the amount of bets has increased by 66% compared to March last year, while the number of bets grew by 30%.

International bookmakers recommend betting on Belarusian football clubs, while foreign TV channels acquire the rights to broadcast the championship. It will be broadcast by the Russian Match TV and the Ukrainian Sport1, which have not done it before.

The French website quotes Alyaksandr Lukashenka‘s words in the article on the Belarusian championship that vodka and sauna supposedly help to defeat the coronavirus.

“Vodka has killed the coronavirus,” jokes the media outlet.

Football championship in Belarus has begun this week and has been the only active tournament in Europe to date. Unlike its neighbors, Belarus has not officially introduced quarantine, although physicians advise citizens to avoid crowds and stay home more often.