Belarusian army prepares for large-scale exercises involving 7.5K servicemen

Large-scale command post exercises of the Armed Forces will be held in Belarus from 6 to 12 September 2018. They will involve up to 7,500 troops, 260 armored vehicles and about 30 aircraft and helicopters, the Defense Ministry website reports.

The units have already begun to advance to the maneuvering areas. Parts of the 74th Separate Communications Regiment and the 11th Independent Guards Mechanized Brigade of the Western Operational Command have already marched to the Obuz-Lesnovsky Range. The units of the 19th Independent Guards Mechanized Brigade of the Northwestern Operational Command loaded equipment on the railway transport and set off for the Barysau test range.

During the maneuvers, the military will use six ranges and areas of the Brest, Hrodna, Minsk and Mahiliou regions.

Last September, Belarusian-Russian exercise “Zapad 2017” was held on the territory of Belarus. They were attended by at least 10 thousand troops — about 3 thousand Russian and 7 thousand Belarusian soldiers. Thus, the September 2018 exercises are planned to involve even slightly more Belarusian military than during the “Zapad 2017”.

In March-April 2018, a large-scale inspection of the Armed Forces took place in Belarus on the orders of Alyaksandr Lukashenka. It included exercises with live shooting excercises, the formation of a separate mechanized brigade and other activities. Up to 2,000 people conscripted for military service, including women, were recalled from the reserve.