Belarusian ambassador to Lithuania handed protest note over fire at NPP

The Belarusian Ambassador to Lithuania has been summoned to the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he received a note in connection with the fire at the Astravets NPP.

An urgent request was made to provide detailed information on the incident that occurred on February 17.

The Lithuanian authorities and the public were not informed of the incident, which occurred more than two months ago.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs notes that in 2016 there were six known incidents at the Astravets Nuclear Power Plant, which raise serious doubts about the quality of this project.

“Previously, there was a serious incident at the construction stage. At the time, Lithuania also sent a request to Belarus. It was confirmed that the incident did take place. We will see what will be done by the Belarusian side. Of course, this information must be verified. The entire construction process is very important for safety and reliability. We are concerned that such things happen 50 kilometers from Vilnius, while we are not officially informed,” Lithuanian Energy Minister told Belsat.

Recently, there appeared information that there was a strong fire at the construction site of the nuclear power plant in Astravets in February. The management of the power plant assures that there was no fire, but only a short-circuit incident of the temporary power cable. This is not the first incident during construction, which the authorities are trying to hide from the public and international structures.

Hanna Rusinava,