Belarus NPP is based on political, not economic reasoning – Lithuania

Astravets NPP is a source of environmental and nuclear threats; there will be no benefits from the project, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius said at the recent meeting of the working group for nuclear, radiation environmental safety.

“Belarus does not need so much electric power, and there are no foreign markets for it. The assessment of potential threats shows that the project is based on political, not on economic reasoning,” Minister Linkevičius said.

The participants of the meeting stressed that Lithuania continuously reiterated its concern in the international arena about Belarus’ manipulations with international nuclear safety instruments and selective application of safety standards in developing its NPP project in Astravets.

Lithuania has repeatedly criticized the construction of the nuclear power plant 50 kilometers from Vilnius and encouraged the rest of the countries of the United Europe to not buy electricity from the future NPP.

Our neighbour is not only concerned about the proximity of the station to Vilnius, but also with a number of emergencies during the NPP construction. Among the emergencies are a reactor vessel accident, when it fell during the transportation, the collapse of the concrete structure at the site between the reactors. Our channel was the first to report on the incident. Before the official request of the Lithuanian side, representatives of the Belarusian NPP denied this information.