Belarus hopes to receive discounts on Russian gas

During the first National Forum on Sustainable Development, the Minister of Energy of Belarus, Viktar Karankevich, announced that negotiations on the prices of Russian gas supplies to Belarus from 2020 should continue soon.

Thus, according to the ministry head, at present the parties are actively discussing the issue of gas prices at the level of relevant bodies and deputy prime ministers. At the same time, in accordance with the previously reached agreements, prices for energy in the period 2020-2024 should be agreed by July 2019.

Now and until 2025, the prices for Russian gas should be determined by a formula that, among other things, provides for some discounts for Belarus. Minsk hopes and insists on this.

But the Russian side has its own opinion about this. In St. Petersburg, this topic became the subject of a serious dispute between the leaders of the two countries.

Russia sets higher gas tariffs for the EEU countries than for its domestic consumers. But Minsk insists that the conditions for business entities are equal.