Belarus Defense Ministry to introduce benefits for soldiers

During the annual seminar with the leaders of the national media, Defense Minister Andrei Raukou spoke about the benefits that the state will introduce to make the army more attractive for the young people, reports the website of the department.

According to Lieutenant-General Andrei Raukou, in the spring, only 4,200 out of 140 thousand young men of conscription age could be drafted into the Armed Forces. The rest had grounds for exemption or deferment of conscription, mainly to continue education. In order to solve the problem of under-recruitment in the army, Belarus has been implementing a motivation plan for compulsory military service since 2016.

Among the main measures of the plan is the introduction of benefits at the time of enrollment in public service. From January 1, 2020, according to the amendments to the Housing Code, those who served in the army and entered universities and colleges will have the priority in getting a dormitory place.

It also seeks to ensure that citizens who have served in the army have the advantage of enrolling in higher education institutions, and after graduation they can choose a place of employment. The Ministry also offers to reduce tuition fees for those who have served in the army.

Among other things, the length of military service will be added to the pensionable service.