Attorney General’s Office: Babaryka’s detention legal

There appeared an announcement on the webpage of the General Prosecutor’s Office that the legality of Viktar Babaryka’s detention had been checked by the Prosecutor’s Office and confirmed by the decision of the Central District Court of Minsk.

The General Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus has received many appeals from citizens in the criminal case against Viktar Babaryka.

Viktar Babaryka. Photo: Iryna Arakhouskaya /

“We inform you that the legality of his detention was checked by the prosecutor’s office, as well as confirmed by the decision of the Central District Court of Minsk on June 24, 2020,” reads the page of the agency.

The announcement states that the actions of the body in charge of criminal proceedings can be appealed if the procedural actions affect their interests. An application may be submitted only orally or in writing.

“We inform those who have applied to the General Prosecutor’s Office on the above-mentioned topic that appealing the actions and decisions of persons not vested with the relevant right entails leaving the appeals without consideration,” the page of the General Prosecutor’s Office emphasizes.

Viktar Babaryka and his son Eduard were detained on June 18. It is known that he is a defendant in the criminal case, but the article and the details can’t be announced by lawyers.

He is now in the KGB jail.