Armenian Prime Minister resigns in attempt to secure early elections

On October 16, Armenian Prime Minister Nicol Pashinyan announced his resignation. Taking such a step, he is pushing for early parliamentary elections.

“As I have said, today I resign from the post of Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia,” he said.

Consequently, Pashinyan has actually started the procedure of early parliamentary elections, Radio Liberty reports.

In September, Pashinyan’s popularity rating soared and reached 82%, but the party of his predecessor Serzh Sargsyan still has a majority in the parliament and blocks most of the proposals by the new leader.

In accordance with the Constitution, the Armenian parliament can be dissolved if MPs fail to elect a new prime minister in the next 14 days. Meanwhile, the leaders of parliamentary groups have announced that they are not going to nominate their candidates for the post.

According to Pashinyan, the early elections may take place on December, 9-10.

In early October, thousands of people took part in a rally responding to the call of Pashinyan, the head of the government and the leader of the Armenian revolution. The politician feared that his opponents might thwart the announcement of early elections.