$200 mln price tag: Angola set to buy air defense systems from Belarus – media

Angola is negotiating the purchase of air defense systems for $200 mln with Belarus, ej.by reports with reference to local media.

A source familiar with the situation has confirmed the information to TUT.BY.

According to the document signed by Angolan leader Joao Lourenco, the deal is necessary for ‘ensuring the work and functioning of the air defense system of big cities and the country’s sensitive economic facilities’.

The document also refers to the agreement between the Republic of Angola and the Development Bank of Belarus on financing the ‘acquisition of equipment and other special-purpose products’ by the Angolan armed forces. Among others, the parties to the transaction are Belarusian company Tetraedr and export insurance company Beleximgarant. According to the source, the contract is not signed yet, it is still pending. In respect to conditions, Belarus is providing an export loan ‘not for the full sun [voiced]’.

Angola’s army is one of the largest Africa; it has more than 100,000 soldiers. In accordance with the 2019 budget, the government will allocate 1.65 bn for the defense sector, which amounts to 5.16% of total public expenses estimated.

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