US professor learning to play Belarusian bagpipe (ENG video)

It is not for nothing that American Bob Eckhart opens a new season of the Welcome To Belarus show. It is very nice to see the same US professor who starred in the first episode of the 2018 season again!

Then he promised Belarusians to come back and, as you can see, his word is good. Visiting Belarus for the third time, he is set to learn how to play the Belarusian duda (bagpipe) and impress his friends, musicians and entertainers from Buttons Crazyband (Пуговицы Crazyband).

The WTB crew decides to help the American find a teacher. Interestingly, it turns out that something else connects Bob and Aksana who has been playing the duda for fourteen years – the love of the Volkswagen Beetle car! By the way, during his trip, Bob is constantly coming across offbeat vehicles, including a Fiat Multipla which hits the list of the world’s ugliest cars. Cordial meetings, humour, Bob’s attempts to perform – indeed, the new season of Welcome To Belarus starts with an incredibly emotional episode.

Will Bob live out his dream of playing the bagpipes? Join our fans and get to know it!

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