Belarus thaw in full swing: Ex-political prisoner beaten, driven to unknown location (UPD)

Zmitser Dashkevich, one of the leaders of Young Front and a former political prisoner, has been beaten and taken away by unknown persons, allegedly plaincloth policemen.

The oppositionist was grabbed when he went out of his flat for a minute, his wife Nasta Dashkevich says.

(UPD) Zmitser was taken to Tsentralny District Department of Interior, the wife of another detainee, activist Uladzimir Yaromenak, said on Twitter. Dashkevich has been released after spending over 3 hours there.


“A neighbor who heard Zmitser shouting ‘Help!’ phoned me. 10-15 people pinned his arms to his sides and throwed him into a bus, he looked very bad. The neighbors who were leaning out of the windows shouted at policemen and tell me where to go. As a result, Zmitser was taken away by this bus. The frightened ladies could not hide their tears and shouted: “He just has a different opinion! Why are you beating him?” Zmitser went to the basement and did not take his mobile phone,” the wife said on Facebook.

The mini bus has apparently been rented: Internet users have checked its numbers recorded by eyewitnesses. nast Dashkevich called the police and reported the abduction of her husband. Zmitser is not at Pershamayski district police department, she told

Today Zmitser Dashkevich was about to take part in the action on the occasion of the Day of Belarus’ Military Glory near the Russian Embassy in Minsk.

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