Union of Poles’ Chair Andzelika Borys spoke in support of Belsat TV

“Belsat” is a strategic channel,” said Chairperson of the Union of Poles of Belarus Andzelika Borys.

“Belsat”, above all, is a source of independent, reliable information about the civil society in Belarus, said Borys. – Thanks to “Belsat”, we can inform the public about the actions of the Union of Poles today. No other channel present the true information about the activities of the Union of Poles. In tough times, in times of repression, we could defend ourselves only through the media. ‘Belsat’ was one of the leading media outlets for us, so in informing, presenting correct information “Belsat” in Belarus is now in the first place”.

According to Borys, the elimination of “Belsat” is a blow to the civil society not only in Belarus, but also the entire post-Soviet space, as “Belsat” has also been watched in many countries of the former USSR.

“Long live Belsat!” summed up Borys.

There is an online petition to support “Belsat”. To sign it, you need to follow the link.