Yakut shaman who headed for Moscow to ‘exorcise Putin’ accused of extremism

Alexander Gabyshev, who has been much reported about over his ‘crusade’ against Russian President Vladimir Putin, was released on his own recognizance on September 21, news agency Interfax reports.

Last week the so-called Yakut shaman was kidnapped by armed men and masked men near the highway ‘Baikal’ in Buryatia. They broke into the tent and dragged him into their car, one of his supporters said. Later, Yakutia’s Health Ministry reported that Gabyshev was sent to a psychoneurologic dispensary for ‘tests and examinations’.

It should be noted that a criminal case was initiated against him; Gabyshev is charged with public calls for extremist activities (Article 280-1 of the Criminal Code).

“In the period of March 6 to May 22, while being in an unknown place, Alexander Gabyshev spoke to a group of people calling for engaging in extremist activity. According to the results of psycholinguistic analysis, there is a public call for violence against the president of the Russian Federation in Gabyshev’s rhetoric,” the decision of the court reads.

Four months ago, Alexander Gabyshev left Yakutia for Moscow. He was set to cover the distance going on foot and reach the Russian capital in two years.

According to the shaman, ‘Putin is not a man but a demon’. Gabyshev set himself a task to drive the demon out of Moscow bypublic meetings and rallies’, but mentioned that he had ‘other methods’ as well.