World Bank allocates €90 mln to support Belarus’ response to pandemic

The World Bank has approved a €90 million package to ‘help Belarus take effective and timely action’ to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by strengthening the country’s national healthcare system, the press service reports.

According to the statement, the project will address the health system’s immediate needs for medical equipment, supplies, and training to treat severe cases of COVID-19, including through provision of modern ventilators, pain medication, and antibiotics, as well as personal protective equipment for health workers. It will also finance communications activities to promote social distancing and hygiene best-practices that can prevent the spread of infections among the population.

“This project will help save the lives of Belarusians by providing critical equipment to the health sectorIt will have the most impact when combined with social distancing measures, including preventing large gatherings, reducing physical presence in workplaces and educational establishments, and reducing non-essential movements,” said Alex Kremer, World Bank Country Manager.

A few days earlier, the United States donated $1.7 million to fight COVID-19 in Belarus. This aid is intended to improve diagnosis of coronavirus and strengthen epidemiological surveillance.

As of May 22, the total of 34,303 persons have been tested positive for the novel coronavirus, 190 COVID-19 patients have died.

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