Women close to Lukashenka: Gorgeous brunette listening to his speech

Darya Shmanay, the 2013 beauty pageant winner, who was repeatedly seen in the company of the Belarusian president, has been present in parliament during Lukashenka’s delivering the annual State of the Nation Address.[/vc_column_text]

She was sitting close to Viktar Lukashenka, the president’s eldest son, Health Minister Vasil Zharko and Aleh Ryzhankou, a presidential aide.

Darya also attended the event in 2015. Asked by Euroradio about her role the girl answered that she ‘worked there’ – without specifying where and what was her job.

Being interviewed by Russian journalist and public figure Kseniya Sobchak in 2014, Lukashenka said that he had met Darya Shmanay two years before.

“I never sit only with public officials at any event. Usually my son sits on the one side and some girl sits on the other. There are very beautiful girls working for our protocol service. Sometimes they kindly ask to sit with me at the event.  Darya is very decent, if I had such a girlfriend it would be more than I could wish for,” he told Ms Sobchak.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka is still married to his wife Halina, but they live separately. The Belarusian leader has no intention to divorce his wife because it would ‘traumatize her’, he said. See our video (ENG subs):

According to Mr Lukashenka, Kolya, his eleven-year-old son with another woman, never asked him to divorce his wife. mother It is still unknown whether Iryna Abelskaya who is regarded as Kolya’s mother put her son under his father’s care voluntarily – the journalists are barred out from interviewing the woman.